Danishmendt – Un Passé Aride

Danishmendt play some interesting dark ambient instilled blackened doom metal. The music takes a form similar to Cult of Luna loosely interpreting the ideology of Blut Aus Nord with a luring interest in the cold atmospheric effects that droneesque field recordings so often induce. If your taken in by the cover image, enjoy doomy, riff oriented metal and the occasional foray into ambient/drone territory – this is the release you have been waiting for. The overall effect is sinister, suffocating and beautifully cold. I encourage everyone to head over to the Myspace where the new album ‘Un Passé Aride’ is available to stream in its entirety.

Cold Void Emanations & Odio Sonoro are handling the CD release which will take a 10 page digipack fold out form. The artwork gives a great idea what to expect and is modelled on the fantastic Yves Marocchi’s work. Unforgiving, atonal soundscapes that pave their way like hammers through the interjections of dark ambient and possessed vocal arrangements. Perfect music for the accompanying journey through abandoned, decaying frameworks of architectural lapse and the pervasive intangibility of forgotten structures. Heavily hypnotised, robotic riffing that sets pace below gnarled vocals from a rust ridden throat that are heavily reminiscent of Cult of Luna.

Stream now: Myspace / Homepage

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    Invisible Oranges

    This is really good stuff! Thanks for the tip.

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    A super-gloomy Neurosis.

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    This is incredible, need that album!

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