maudlin of the Well’s ‘Part the Second’ gets vinyl release

This news is huge.

Ever since maudlin of the Well disbanded in 2001, it felt like there a huge hole was left in the progressive metal scene. Despite the wealth of bands out there producing intriguing work as well as the metamorphosis of the remnants of maudlin of the Well into the sublime Kayo Dot, nothing since has seemed to match the compositional scale and imaginative drive that characterised their early records.

So naturally last year, when this horde of Lurkers learned that they had regrouped to record a new album, self-financed and released for free, the joy was something like that of welcoming back a long lost brother. In the time apart changes had occurred, the sound had mellowed slightly, members had left and rearranged, but the resulting record, full of blossoming hypnotic intricacies, was still very much in the same vein as their earlier work, and completely took over our summer, and, indeed, the rest of the year.

We even, in the fledgling, grasping days of the birth of this blog, made it our record of the year.

Now, just over a year after it’s initial release, a free gift to the faithful, a full vinyl release is finally planned. Announced today on the Kayo Dot website, Part the Second is to be released on Antithetic Records this autumn, a double LP on coloured vinyl. Preorders aren’t up but all the info regarding the release is up at the Antithetic Records webstore.

We’re thrilled to bits.

When this arrives I’m sure we will review it again, but for the meantime my wholly inadequate initial review can still be found here, and the whole album can be streamed or downloaded for free from the maudlin of the Well website.


Pre-order is now live at the Antithetic Records webstore.

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  • Reply August 29, 2010


    Bitches need to rate maudlin of the Well.

    I just came too Nick, thanks.

  • Reply August 30, 2010


    This is exactly what I feel like listening to today. Solid album.

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