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Forums are great things. They can be incredibly informative if all the users are tuned into your interests and the community is active and friendly. There is a downside though. Forever Doomed, for example, is immensely popular and the amount of users that flood through its seemingly infinite threads is colossal. As a result, any decent discussion becomes tiresome and difficult to follow, relegating the forum’s most practical use as little more than a fairly decent release/label/gigs news stream with a bit of trade. But from too much of a good thing to just plain… awful, you have forums like that of Full Moon Productions. While it has its uses, the discussion that goes on there is normally brain-numbingly idiotic with essentially 90% of the posters posturing and flexing their ‘black metal warrior’ muscles to the best of their ability. And trolls. Trolls everywhere. So if you’re finding yourself sinking into the mire of posts on Forever Doomed and, like me, cannot spend more than two minutes on the FMP forum without feeling just a bit stupider, we have good news!

Josh Mcalear, tatoo artist, freelance metal illustrator and the man behind the Yersinia Pestis distro has founded a brand new forum under the same name. The aim seems to be focussed on intelligent discussion regarding the kinds of music we all know, love and obsess over, visual art and horror movies too! If this sounds like your bag, then I thoroughly recommend that you sign up and start throwing around some ideas. With a forum in its infantile stage like this, it is difficult to say whether it will grow into a success. But regardless, if it catches on, registering will cement you as a core member of the community and who can say no to that? I’m signing up right now, see you in there.

On a related note, an interview with Josh is in the works. He’s done artwork for Incantation and Nuclear War Now Productions among others. And that’s enough of a resumé for us!

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    Cool. I'm checking it!

  • Reply September 21, 2010

    Black Uroborus

    Excellent! Made a post about this on my own site in an attempt to spread the word.

    Thanks for the heads up!

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    thanks for the post

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    Thanks for good stuff

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    Thanks for the info

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