Slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us…

Nick discovered this ages ago and should be writing this, but getting that guy to post is like pulling teeth so I’m poaching it. Below is a really neat dubstep mix based on Jeff Wayne’s musical retelling of War of the Worlds. WOAH HOLY SHIT DUBSTEP ON YOUR LURKER? I know, right? But if you dig the wub and don’t mind being berated by your elite metal friends, this is genuinely entertaining and one of the finest examples of a generally hit-or-miss genre. Our friends at Synchronium featured it in their ‘Music On Drugs’ column. As Nick put it so well – 
“It’s an intelligent mix combined with classic sci-fi, anyone who dissaproves can go die.”

War of the Worlds by erwtenpeller

Oh, and just make sure you stop before the Pendulum bit, the closing moments let it down. Never thought they’d get a mention here…

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  • Reply October 12, 2010


    This is amazing. I fucking love Dubstep.

  • Reply October 13, 2010


    dude, you know that PHIL LYNOTT is on that fucking album? seriously.

  • Reply October 13, 2010



  • Reply November 10, 2010


    Who gives a fuck about phil lynott.

  • Reply January 22, 2011


    Re-listening to this is awesome.

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