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Long-time lurkers will probably be aware that, here at LURKER HQ, we’re all massive aficionados of director David Lynch and his partner in crime, maestro Angelo Badalamenti. Together they have made some of the darkest hallucinogenic trips into the field of cinema, with Lynch’s ambiguous, surreal screenwriting and eerie direction melding perfectly with Badalamenti’s seedy and sexy scores.

But Lynch has been known to take composing into his own hands, whether in his films or for his own artistic satisfaction; sometimes with mixed results. He is however an intensely inspired, driven and talented individual and devotees of his extensive cult will always find something to treasure in his vision no matter which medium.

As no doubt many of you worship at the altar of Lynch as well, you may be interested to hear his latest foray into musical realms. This time the master of incongruous cinematic macabre tries his hand at…


No we don’t have much experience with it either bar the odd lo-fi electronica, but this is pretty entertaining. It retains that ineffable melancholic shade (no doubt a by-product of working with Badalamenti) that permeates all his work while keeping upbeat. It is called ‘Good Day Today’ after all. That dreaded vocoder that has plagued popular music for years shows its face here too, although all things considered Lynch is probably the first person to admit he’s not a singer. For those acquainted with his unique and charming drawl, the robotic voice will certainly raise a smile. Here’s what the dicks at the Guardian had to say about it:

After an explosive opening, the song settles into a minimal electro groove that recalls Crystal Castles, before Lynch’s heavily treated vocals continue the sense of emotional detachment. The track finds Lynch in a pleading mood, just wanting to have a pretty good day, which seems fair enough. There’s a brilliant bit where his downbeat robot voice sighs “send me an angel, save me” and then intones “so tired” before sudden bursts of gunfire and explosions. Good Day Today is a surprisingly immediate and satisfying slice of electro-pop.

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

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  • Reply December 2, 2010


    For all those interested in Lynch’s musical forays I recommend also checking out the first Twin Peaks soundtrack, as Lynch wrote most of the lyrics.

    I’m liking this.

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