Planning For Burial & Lonesummer Split CD

CD release from Music Ruins Lives limited to 100 copies – fairly certain that they’re flying off the shelf at a staggering rate and I am not at all surprised, so be quick!

Planning For Burial spin the kind of melancholy usually reserved for distant memories and far away places. A shoegaze muddle of organs and Jesu like keyboard arrangements, Planning For Burial tread the line somewhere between the blissed, trip-hop attitude of Portishead and Nadja’s obsession with drone. Captivating, melodic warps as the musics fray and expand. Perfect music for that winter afternoon when the sun shows itself for a hazy five minute interval.

Lonesummer is a lot noisier, and consequentially a lot more interesting. Loud, noisy, unrelenting and amalgamated by a wall of a feedback. All I can compare it to is Bone Awl covering a Liturgy track. Yes, it feels quite black metal. ‘I Wish I Could Delete Last Night’ brings a greater sense of direction to the split. Truly tormented, lo-fi black metal that might resemble Neige’s recent output if he wasn’t fucking french.

Great split release from a one-to-watch label. Recommended if you enjoy the more emotive side of your musical escapades. Available through Music Ruins Lives now.

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  • Reply December 6, 2010


    Looking forward to receive my copy…

  • Reply December 7, 2010


    This split is great, the PFB songs sort of remind me of Arab Strap.. which is a wonderful thing.

  • Reply December 8, 2010


    Excellent split.. The contrast between the 2 works so well its creepy.. Must be a philly thing…

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