Antediluvian – Watchers Reign Now Available

Finally, someone has put together all of Antediluvian’s materials pre-Under Wing Of Asael in one tidy compilation CD. Invictus Productions announced its availability today:

Combining all early Antediluvian material before their most recent demo, this comp CD is a dirge of filthy, suffocating, abyssic Death Metal. The soundtrack to you drowning in a sea of excrement. Available directly from for €10! Primitive, suffocating, abyssic Death Metal from Canada!

Antediluvian channel devastating, punishing and deeply subterranean death metal to fever pitch levels. Primitive and atmosphere oriented, these Canadian’s channel some of LURKER’s favourite bestial death metal void of technical wankery or production superiority. They’re all about creating encroaching, evil music. Expect a vinyl version to follow, as well as the bands most recent demo on vinyl and CD in coming months. Just listen to this from their most recent demo… and then head on over to Invictus to order.

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  • Reply December 8, 2010

    Óskar Jökull

    Just ordered it.
    What brilliant artwork.
    It’s perverted crudeness resonates perfectly with the music.

  • Reply December 8, 2010


    Brilliant band, thanks for the heads up.

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