Celeste: Pessimiste(s) reissue

Good things have been happening over at Denovali Records this month, starting off with a smart repress of the Celeste debut EP, Pessimiste(s), which originally came out in 2007 on Alchimia & Purepainsugar. Denovali have reissued the release with some tidy new artwork and ‘bonus sounds’ (does this mean bonus tracks or overdubs?) on a run of 100, so get onto it quick. Anyone who has bought vinyl from this label before will know to expect a very high-quality product.

Those who have only heard the more recent work of this band may be in for a surprise: Pessimiste(s) rages with a speed and intensity that they would later trade in for ominous black sludginess. There’s still plenty of discord and atmosphere to get your teeth into, but it comes packed into shorter bursts of screaming, stampeding fury.

You can hear all seventeen and a half minutes of Pessimiste(s) here, and as with all their releases, Denovali let you download it free. Another worthy release from a great label.

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    I just heard Celeste,awesome stuff!

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