Dodecahedron first appeared within these pages under their former moniker, Order of the Source Below, in an article exploring the shadowed crevasses of the Dutch metal scene. LURKER remarked that it would not be long until word got out about this sinister force, as any who listened to the two demo tracks were immediately pulled under their spell and left gasping for more. We implored those in a position to release music to consider signing the band; such was the need to hear the 60-minute epic they claimed to had written. Now it’s been one year and a name change since our last brush with Dodecahedron, and their self-titled debut has subsequently become one of LURKER’s most hotly anticipated albums for 2012.

In the end, Season of Mist picked up the torch and could there be a better fit? The label’s stalwart acts, Mayhem and Deathspell Omega, have already done much to further the extreme metal experience, and Dodecahedron fall neatly in line with this school of volatile experimentation. It’s a comparison bound to crop up more than once within the literary cesspit of what is known as music journalism, but it’s also unavoidable. No other band has come close to scraping the same heights – until now.

The album needs to be contemplated in its entirety to get a sense of what Dodecahedron are truly capable of. From its opening moments on ‘Allfather’, angular dissonance and shunting rhythms flood the air, drowning the listener in nightmarish guitar abstraction. The music seems to be the sworn enemy of melody, as any chances for a wholesome tone are quickly snuffed by a flattened note here, a jarring squeal there. Devoid of power-chord primitivism and the shackles of melodic convention, the possibilities become endless.

Ok, so this approach is nothing new – Calculating Infinity still whispers in my ear when listening to Paracletus – but it is in those fleeting moments when the band summons an actual, bona fide tune from the surrounding chaos that Dodecahedron triumphs. Sometimes even a dark beauty emerges between the ritual hums of ‘Vanitas’ and the cinematic composition of the ‘View From Hverfell’ trilogy, the series that ends the album. But be warned: Whenever you find yourself lost in atmospheric haze or locked in a head-bang along to an almighty riff, remember that Dodecahedron has as many faces as its namesake. It’s treacherous, in league with the Dark Lord, and Pandemonium always teeters on the horizon. And it will destroy you.

Dodecahedron was released globally today (January 24). Order from their official website or through Season of Mist. There is a full stream available to check out until January 27.

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  • Reply January 25, 2012

    Doomed to Repeat

    I ordered this from my local record store, and I can hardly wait to see if it lives up to the hype, of which there is an amplitude.

    • Reply January 26, 2012

      Doomed to Repeat

      So I bought this this morning and have listened to it at least six times since.

      Here’s, somewhat laconicaly, how I feel about it: With only seven tracks on the CD, – for which I paid 15 hard-earned, American dollars – I would expect something more than four or five-ISH tracks of actual metal, and not so much filler-noise, e.g. “Descending Jacob’s Ladder” & “Vanitas”. Seriously, I feel ripped off and disappointed and am certain – though I don’t mean to call into question anyone’s journalistic integrity – that the reviewers are either a.) being paid by Season of Mist to promote this, or b.) are lauding it for the sake of not being excluded in its ubiquitous hype. The first two tracks are killer and then it goes off into meandering, endomorphic noise and never really recovers. Am I missing something? All of the acts mentioned in all of the reviews of this record, e.g. Deathspell, TDEP, VBE, Converge, &c. are known for releasing albums teeming with nonstop, in-your-face metal that doesn’t let up until the disc stops spinning. This record gets super dull and loses my attention after the second track. And I have a great attention span. (2001: A Space Odyssey has been my favorite movie since I was, like, fucking 12.) Just bummed is all. Good thing I also picked up a used copy of Incantation’s Diabolical Conquest so my trip to the record store wasn’t completely wasted. I’ll give it a few more spins, but paint me sorely disappointed.

      I still love the Lurker, however. And Richard you’re still great. I know you probably ain’t getting a kickback for this shit, but I feel disappointed and/or oblivious, both of which are terrible ways to feel after one buys a new record. Then again, I can totally see how a reviewer who gets records for free wouldn’t care that the disc practically drops off and becomes directionless and structureless after the opening couple tracks.

      People need to be hyping the new Ptahil, because it’s full-throttle US Black’n’Roll. Sounds like The Ramones covering b-sides from the Drawing Down the Moon sessions. Or something.

      • Reply January 26, 2012


        Like I keep saying to people, you can’t win ’em all! I reviewed it because I was very interested to hear the record, having followed them from the early stages of their career. From your comment, I would say you need to listen to it more though. I agree, it’s not nice going on to the Season of Mist site to see that hideous banner “THE DUTCH ANSWER TO DEATHSPELL OMEGA” or whatever, it is just a bit much and doesn’t help the cause. But this is a good album. Stick with it. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

        But yes, Ptahil are very good. There were a good few black metal records last year that got no attention whatsoever, and we didn’t do anything to help. Believe me, if I had time to write everything I wanted to, I would. This whole project takes a lot of planning and scheduling for me.

        • Reply January 26, 2012


          Your diagnosis was spot-on.

  • Reply January 25, 2012


    I didn’t notice! It is great though.

  • Reply January 25, 2012

    steve chapman

    just listened to the album at their site.So good!

  • Reply January 26, 2012


    The sticker on the digipack said: “For fans of Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord and Mayhem” They forgot to put TDEP on it too.

  • Reply January 26, 2012

    Henrik L. Grund

    I’ve been waiting for something like this since Paracletus. At last! Thank you for the review.

  • Reply February 3, 2012


    “People need to be hyping the new Ptahil, because it’s full-throttle US Black’n’Roll. Sounds like The Ramones covering b-sides from the Drawing Down the Moon sessions. Or something.”

    That sounds like retro faggotry. No thanks, fag.

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