The Many Demos of Heavydeath

Demo I – Post Mortem in Aeternum Tenebrarum,  II – Darkness of No Return & Demo III – A Long Obscure Trip are all baleful creations of doom death metal duo Heavydeath formed by Necrocurses Johan Backman and Nicklas Rudolfsson (Basstard and Terror).

Post Mortem in Aeternum Tenebrarum comes grumbling in with teeth bared. A quivering fucker of a sound draws you in with ceremonial low-tuned fuzz and kicks off with a whiplash of a growl. The vocals here are unnervingly good thanks to Rudoflsson, who can switch seamlessly from throbbing oration worthy of Messiah Marcolin to a gut-churning snarl, and the ponderous rock-cracking slug of bass, drum and guitar urges the great beast of dissonance ever onward. Heavydeath’s three demo’s are definitely evocative of their fellow modern Swedish Doom powerhouse Saturnalia Temple, but where Temple favours the ripe symbolism of the Sumerian ritual, Heavydeath’s weapon of choice lies with its stubborn – if a tad speedier – unwavering belligerence of heavy resonance.

Darkness of No Return is unstable in its onslaught – in a good way. Flowing from achingly slow sets of decending arpeggios to leaden mid-tempo riffs and harrowing tremelo it buries you in a mud-cut arroyo and coalesces into a force to be reckoned with. Title ‘Internal Celestial View’ is a stand out peace of fuzz-fed power tripping that leads into a perfection of a key-based outro.

With all tentative measure cast to the winds A Long Obscure Trip tears through the empyrean with rolling drums and two-fisted shreds. It’s a slavering, hungry thing and it wants you to take part in its procession. It bucks and rushes ahead, a crescendo met with sticky reverb and mad thunder. It’s made beautiful mess and holds no shame. Let Heavydeath lock its jaws around you and carry you off.

Fresh off the tape deck, (demo II-III currently all sold out!) pick ‘em up over at the good doctor.

Currently residing on the stark plains of Alberta. Rattling among wolf willow and mixedgrass I pen for LURKER and work as a heritage consultant.


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