GOG rank above what we have come to expect from the drone genre. Michael Bjella’s project lingers long after the album end and serves as a great catalyst to reflective thought.

Thee Blakk Ov Wintherr Vol I

Volume I of Beau’s compendium on raw, cold black metal. Collecting some of the best gems released over the last year, including unheard and under-appreciated myths from the underground.

Into the Nether: Dutch metal

Although the Netherlands has a wealth of metal oddities plying their trade throughout the country, it’s difficult to identify a cohesive scene. Many bands seem to bury their noses in their work and pay little heed to what others are doing. As a result, the Dutch scene has exploded in a torrent of originality.

Paracletus: The trilogy comes full circle

Deathspell Omega is the most relevant band in black metal. This is non-negotiable. They have received as much criticism as praise for their challenging take on the genre but remain untouchable and transcendent. Now with the final part of the trilogy Paracletus impending, LURKER looks into Deathspell Omega’s past and the journey they’ve made to this point.