Albín Brunovský

Albín Brunovský’s lithographs, chalk works and linocuts inspired a generation of Slovak children. Majesty… behold!

Sutekh Hexen – Ritualistic

Featuring top notch artwork by esteemed LURKER bro Black Uroborus, Sutekh Hexen’s latest ritual attack on the pillars of black metal and noise has been unleashed by Fragment Factory in a limited run of 50 cassettes.

Josh McAlear Interview & Y-Pestis Competition

LURKER interviews Josh McAlear about his art, record label and discussion forum. As a thank you, he is giving you the opportunity to win the test press of his first release – just sign up and get posting on his forum!

Black tides of the Uroborus

Please welcome Black Uroborus (Stephen Wilson) to these hallowed pages. Stephen designed our logo and treated us to a great interview a while back….

Rockwell Kent

Rockwell Kent (1882 – 1971) was a multi-talented artist from Tarrytown, New York. He studied architecture at Columbia University, painting at the Shinnecock School…