Archon – The Ruins at Dusk

Archon hail the elders with reverence but carve out a more than sufficient niche of their own. So buckle up, light a doob and follow those vapour trails to the riff-filled land with this excellent debut.

Godstopper – Demo 2010

New blood! There’s nothing much better than unearthing an obscurity before most of the world, especially when it’s quality. This is precisely the case with Toronto’s Godstopper though it’s a riddle to work out what it is these guys even play.

Vit – –

So another handful of Midwestern cultist nutjobs have convened on the vast Ohio cornfields in the hopes of hastening the return of the Old…

Horse Latitudes – Gathering

The thundering organic bottom end of Horse Latitudes occult approach to metal puts a welcome spin on the orthodox proto-doom of yesteryear, reinvigorating the…

Ensorcelor – By Mycomancy Insumed

Just a reminder that a new Ensorcelor track, ‘By Mycomancy Insumed’, is streaming at the band’s myspace. People who thought their debut demo Urarctica…