Starve/Terzij de Horde – A Chosen Hollow

Stream the new split from the Netherland’s finest in its entirety. Sludge-merchants Starve come to blows with the forward-thinking black metal of Terzij de Horde in a unified concept of “a chosen hollow”.

Maths – Ascent 7″ pre-order

As the hardcore underground grimaced in pain at the mainstream hi-jacking and contortion of  ‘screamo’ into something more meaningless than it ever was before,…

Death Screams and Agonies!!! Release Review

We review two excellent releases from vinyl only label Death Agonies and Screams!!! First up, Wyqm’s unique take on the usbm template courtesy of sophomore effort Portrait of Spectre. Followed closely by the debut from hardcore punk outfit Sunshine SS – Throw My Brain Against The Wall.