After one year spent honing skills, refining skull-sludgery and peering endlessly into the abyss that is so vividly captured by these doomophiles, Ohio’s Sabre unleashed their first full length through Pact Ink Records earlier this year.

Archon – The Ruins at Dusk

Archon hail the elders with reverence but carve out a more than sufficient niche of their own. So buckle up, light a doob and follow those vapour trails to the riff-filled land with this excellent debut.

Godstopper – Demo 2010

New blood! There’s nothing much better than unearthing an obscurity before most of the world, especially when it’s quality. This is precisely the case with Toronto’s Godstopper though it’s a riddle to work out what it is these guys even play.

Danishmendt – Un Passé Aride Review

“..the way reality is denied every day.” Danishmendt’s Un Passé Aride is a nebulous journey through an abridged collection of genres; the post-metal sludge…

Ensorcelor – By Mycomancy Insumed

Just a reminder that a new Ensorcelor track, ‘By Mycomancy Insumed’, is streaming at the band’s myspace. People who thought their debut demo Urarctica…

Dopefight – Buds

Having already done everything I can to thrust Brighton’s Dopefight on to the metal-devouring public, it makes sense to give their new record a…

Ensorcelor: Urarctica Begins

Urarctica Begins, debut EP from the ambitious convoy of Ensorcelor, is a 36 minute voyage through some of the most expansive, introspective sludge ever…