Tartar Lamb II Pledge Drive!

So, Toby Driver is once again seeking a bit of help to fund his musical exploits and I for one could not be happier to give every spare penny I have to this dude – so confident I am that his vision will never faulter. This time it is not maudlin of the Well, but Tartar Lamb – the second release, and they want to give the recording the time, attention and quality it deserves. You can pledge anywhere between $7 to $1000. Obviously the more you pledge the more you’ll get in return – signed LP copies of the release, signed CD’s, t-shirts, VIP tickets to the launch party, a lovely home cooked meal and the opportunity to be a Kayo Dot bro. And threat not ye with little coinage – the amount will not be taken from your account until the project actually goes ahead/they manage to get $6000 before the 18th July.

So go ahead, give the second movement a listen below and navigate to the kickstart site – pledge a $1000 and become figurehead in the Toby Driver appreciation kvlt.

Kickstart the Tartar Lamb 2 Release – PLEDGE!!

Movement 2 demo:

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