Wolves In The Throne Room Live Recordings, Gatherings and Rituals

Based on a farm outside of Washington, hidden somewhere in the wind swept pines of Olympia, hide the ecological and environmental warriors of the void. Purveyors of catharsis through a transcendental ability to evoke the elemental sound scapes of yesteryear, Wolves in the Throne Room eschew all commonly held black metal staples and have in recent times come to form their own unique zeitgeist. The idea of negation and regression, central to the genre as a whole, reformation and re-allegiance with ancient monumental lifestyles and awe struck sublimation to life. Wolves in the Throne Room are a vehicle for biological and ecological ideas to cross over in the conscious void of our modern world. Emboldened, uplifted, empowering, this is the feeling and purpose behind the idea – a request to submit yourself for the duration of the musical journey to mother earth.

These anti-civilisation theorems seem chaotically unjustifiable in the face of modern society, but given the aesthetic movement that is music, you feel a surreal understanding and plaintive echo of truth behind every step Nathan and Aaron take. Vistas of unimaginable depth and detail take shape as ascension begins. Infinitely more welcome as an idea than the prevalence of corpse-paint-clad, weapon-wielding, dressing-up-is-krieg black metal I have seen live in the past. What separates them is the beauty, truth and relevance behind their sound. In an age where man fails time and time again to interact without violent repercussions with his own kind, where the visible effects of our presence upon earth can be seen as nothing more than mould growing on the skin of an apple, a virus polluting and destroying our ecosystem, Wolves in the Throne Room devolve back to the primeval stage before mass-communication took centre stage and the social world developed, to an epoch of beauty and wonder at the world where marvel and admiration followed hand in hand with fear and strength.

Witnessing them live only exacerbates the feeling they are sharing their journey, story, ideology, sound and lives with us all. Enjoy some live recordings from the crypts of the musical vaults and feel the tangibility of a life we could all very well lead, given the willpower, strength and respect we owe to our humble surroundings.

You'll find me in the vast wilderness of British Columbia, talking metal at LURKER, or working in publishing and front-end web/eBook development.


  • Reply May 7, 2010


    Godspeed! You Black Metal Emperor!


  • Reply May 7, 2010



    The Portland recording is of slightly lower quality than the more recent 3, but they're all worth your time.

  • Reply May 8, 2010


    cheers for these!
    Noticed that the Canberra and Satyricon Club files gave me a crc error when extracting them, I downloaded each twice and same thing happened. Not listened yet so may well be ok – just thought I should mention it.
    Once again… thanks!

  • Reply May 8, 2010


    Do the tracks play alright? Let me know if they do not, I've been having a bit of trouble archiving files in WINRAR recently and I haven't got a clue why.

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