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All to often I am left unknowing and unwilling to pay the fortune of shipping and handling costs to acquaint my greedy hands with the latest obscure release the underground garbles up. So, I thought I would put together a list of reliable UK distro’s stocking extreme metal at the moment in an attempt to boost the economy and the likelihood that these distros will stay open, as well as bolstering your weak, pathetic music collection instead of your collection of invisible, terrabyte styled hard-drives you mp3fags/FLACfags you..

At War With False Noise
– This guy put out the Locrian – Territories LP, enough respect. Visit and support.
Aurora Borealis
– Excellent forerunner in the UK label scene pumping out great release after release with an unparalleled distribution service covering just about every angle the extreme underground has to offer.
CDG Distribution
– Black and Death metal, limited selection, slightly haggard looking site but reliable nonetheless.
Cold Spring
– Lots and lots to get through here if you enjoy noise/ambient, just a shame about the price tags (in this case, it might actually work out cheaper to order abroad and wait).
Christcrusher Productions
– Black Metal ‘elitist’ label/distro I find it hard not to lol at that has put out some killer releases, including the original (and now much coveted) Urfaust – Geist Ist Teufel LP release.
Dead Souls Productions
– Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash, lots of second hand material too, all very reasonably priced.
Feast Of Tentacles
– Great label/distro stocking black/doom/hardcore/powerviolence including Fell Voices and alot of Thou material.
Legion Blotan
-An offshoot of the famous Turgid Animal Records now specialising completely in Black Metal! Bring on plenty of vinyl and cassette abomination. I’m praying this does not deteriorate into another subpar CD collection.
– Death Metal, not a great selection of stock but worth a browse.
Supernal Music
– Specialises in Black Metal, a large selection of material with a less than consistent roster. Drudkh and Hate Forest were backed by the label, but also a number of pathetic attempts at Black Metal.
– Decent distro/label stocking sludge/doom/drone/grind/black/everything. Not a huge selection but again worth a look.
– Great little label that puts out a few gems a year with an extensive collection of underground Black/Death/Noise releases.
Turgid Animal
– Great Noise label that always has limited runs of excellent projects.
Thorn Laceration
– Lots of cassettes if you’re that way inclined, decent selection of black/death.
Under the Dark Soil
– Specialising in Black Metal, stocks a reasonable amount of material.

If you have any other independent/underground distros in the UK, leave a comment and support the underground!

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  • Reply May 24, 2010

    Fecal Haze

    Just what the doctor ordered. Nice one, been trying to find some reliable sources for some time now – Cheers!

  • Reply May 31, 2010

    Conan Vice Grip

    Superfi is actually a fantastic little distro with a friendly guy at the helm of it. Remember we're not all pretentious scum.

  • Reply May 31, 2010


    Superfi is great. As for your pretentious scum comment, I R CONFUS.

  • Reply May 12, 2019


    Aphelion productions is a great distro from East Kilbride in Scotland . Black, death, thrash , on vinyl, cassette and cd. Really fair prices aswell.

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