“The absence of sound, the shades tending towards black.
The act that lies beyond what is obvious or avowed.
The silence and everything inbetween.
The latter part of the day that is dark.
The cycle of night and day.
The beauty and sadness of Nature’s conservativeness.
and it’s competitor, the Industrial development.
The human senses and feelings.
The light, and it’s evolution.
The branch of philosophy that deals
with the nature and expression of beauty, aesthetics.”

Sequences, a drone-ambient manifestation from the lone mind of one Belgium borne LURKER regular has found its way onto my computer, my stereo, my ipod and my dreams. Twixt the hazy reverberations, bliss invoking guitar work and multi layered instrumental haven of latest release ‘Vessel Of The Earth’ (a collaboration with Anji Cheung), the searing rise of sonic scapes portraying the imperturbable depth and infinitude of winter. Sultry feedback saturated static lays foundations for the purest hints of tonal harmony to shine through – they meander and wallow in a glorious middle ground that jostles constantly amidst the furrow of feedback and dirt. The music is for the most part drone oriented, feedback loops and a tension addled atmosphere that constantly hinges on the periphery of outbreak. There is something glistening and beautiful about the work that leaves with a surprising feel of refreshment and serenity.
The other release by this body, ‘Vespertine: A Tragedy In Several Shades of Grey’, is a darker and more morbid affair. Described as: “being in a dark place of fragmented memories, visions and disembodied moments of time. It feels like seeing things unfold, yet perhaps it is the sounds of that darkness.” A greater emphasis paid to deep, baritone like reverberations that ebb and flow against the backdrop of pure nihil, out of which flow serene, glacial guitar hooks, low end piano rumbles and diffident, ritualistic whisperings. The feel is more suffocating, oppressive and deranged than the former and showcases a profound talent to supplicate beyond one level of human emotional intonation. I am very impressed with Sequences and it comes highly recommended to anyone who has ever enjoyed anything remotely drone or dark ambient related.
Unfortunately both of these releases are long gone, no doubt lost in the vortex of limited releases. Fear not though as the proprietor of these musical gems has made them both fully available in a range of formats (320kbps, FLAC, etc) over at the Sequences’ Bandcamp page. If you are a similar artist looking for any kind of musical venture or for that matter anyone with any kind of interest, contact can be found over at Myspace.

You'll find me in the vast wilderness of British Columbia, talking metal at LURKER, or working in publishing and front-end web/eBook development.


  • Reply June 8, 2010


    Yes, there's a special live performance coming up, which will be recorded (audio & video) and will be released later. Another piece has been finished that will be released with another project as a split-release on tape. And in the late summer I will start collaborating with another (maybe more known) project for a collaborative full-length. Which will be quite special. I must admit that I'm excited about that.
    Thank you for the support, I appreciate it.

  • Reply June 14, 2010


    Any plans for a vinyl release? Really amazing stuff here.

  • Reply June 17, 2010


    No. No vinyl plans. I'd love to release it on vinyl, but I guess that could only become reality when a label shows interest.

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