Gyibaaw & Mitochondrion – Rituals of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt

Hot on the news of Gyibaaw‘s Canadian tour with Inquisition comes a split with Mitochondrion on Siege Engine Records. Slightly more interesting than your average split, the title track being a collaboration between the two acts, followed by individual tracks from each band (both new tracks and re-recorded demo material) including a Drudkh cover from Gyibaaw! If the band is new to you, expect Northern Black Metal celebrating Canadian tradition, ancient warfare and indigenous culture. Tinged ever so slightly with the occasional nod to death metal, lo-fi production values and a great ear for an atmospheric song structure – they continue LURKER’s obsession with downright fucking awesome lo-fi extreme metal. They recently made their 2008 demo available for free download on their site. Go ahead, give it a download and then keep your eyes open for the split.

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    I had to re-listen to Ancestral War Hymns. Think I downloaded it last year when one of the guys in the band posted it on /mu/ of all places! Definitely not bad, looking forward to hearing new material.

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