‘Clean House’ video – Godstopper

Godstopper, Clean House (Music, 2011) from Justin Oakey on Vimeo.

Canada’s underground overlords Godstopper released a swaggering horror of an EP back in February. Adding a new song to the arsenal established by last year’s demo, it’s a veritable treat of abrasive, doomy noise rock that effortlessly merges the groaning weight of Harvey Milk with the caustic rasp of Oxbow. So it’s safe to say we expect nothing but greatness to flow from this camp in future.

Recently the band collaborated with film maker Justin Oakey to make a video for ‘Clean House’. His gritty, artistic shorts prove Oakey is no stranger to darker visions, making him a perfect pairing for Godstopper’s maniacal outbursts. The film is as disorientating as the track itself, exploring the unhinged insanity that all too often broods beneath our modern society. While it’s unlikely this will see rotation on MTV any time soon, with tasteful direction Oakey has created a formidable accompaniment to an ineffable sound. Check it out, and if you’re still woefully unfamiliar with the band, head here.

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