Hammemit – Nature Mystic (2009)

“To shed the boring accepted realities that suffocate the majority and embrace or confront what lies beyond… I always had the sense of seeing far and deep and had contempt for those who couldn’t” – Ian Brady.

A quote from an older Unknown Ikon release under the Emit monicker, before they chilled out a bit and decided the whole ‘anti-art’ thing was a pretty piss poor effort to cover up disjointed noise recordings. Stemming from an attitude verging on solipsism, nihilism, and the inevitable Nietzschean system of Genealogy (revaluing values – nitimur in vetitum – always striving for the forbidden). A vast output of noise recordings and hellish, uncomfortable releases ensued. Since then, Unknown has begun to introduce more layers, more attention to detail, the occassional bit of interesting instrumentation, a Gregorian chant, peculiar drum arrangements, odd volume levels, interesting song structure, and of course – more atmosphere, blood thick.

For me Hammemit is a much maturer enterprise. Idea’s less akin to the angsty youth, leaning instead towards the enlightened elder. Haunting synths flow in and out whilst ululating guitars gurgle beneath raspy, Gregorian chants. Between the vibrations lurk other instruments too, on ‘Mysteries Of The Church’ broken drums hide and creep at the very bottom of the mix, ‘Churchyard Tree’ exposes the remains of a piano piece, even the occasional woodwind instrument. This is very far removed from the early disjointed noise rehearsals – but undeniably of the same aesthetic, with a far greater understanding and musical capability to hand.

“A compendium of timeless musickal movements from the mist enshrined shores of ancient England. From towering cliffs, pitch dark forests and dreary moors whispers the black spell of Emit”

I really enjoy all of Unknown Ikon’s releases, the ideology, outlook, the taint of the thing, its all very British. Like putting the actions of the Moors Murders to tape, Hammemit results.

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    THANKS so much!! Emit is one of my favorite musicians, in the way of think and do his job. I was really looking forward to listen to this before buy it (Spires over the burial womb was a bit boring for me). Greetings!

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