Mount Eerie – Wind’s Poem (2009)

For Mount Eerie, whose 3rd album – ‘Wind’s Poem’, has a self proclaimed affinity for the work of Xasthur and the Black Metal movement in general, as well as influence from David Lynch’s seminal Twin Peaks series, my interest has just about piqued. And indeed, here we do find fast, double bass drum work layered over fuzzy guitars, coupled with the occasional sample straight out of Angelo Badalamenti’s work on the Twin Peaks OST (see my other post here)…on some tracks. Yet, all these similarities that Phil Elverum seems hellbent on making us aware of never detract from the individual feel of the album in question. More haunting synth and gentile guitar work that hovers closer to ‘Indie Folk’ and ever further away from ‘Black Metal’ and Mr. Badalamenti’s dream pop funeral march love songs. Songs sing about change, destruction, mortality, endearment, impermanence. Too much distortion and too much clarity. “Wind’s Poem” also drifts back and forth between a ‘dream world’, where the wind screams about fleeting existence, and reality, standing on the street, wide awake, looking at the hills outside town, remembering. Give it a go!

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    This is real nice man. I like Microphones and had come across Mount Eerie a couple of times but didn't feel compelled to download it. It's beautiful 🙂

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