Religious Knives – It’s After Dark (2008)

Religious Knives involves the amalgamation of ‘Douple Leopards’ and ‘Mouthus’, the bastard offspring of two experimental noise outfits that is in itself, decidedly different. Raw, psychedelic garage rock with haunting organs, eerily catchy chants and impeccable sound arrangements. Attempting comparisons to anything around at the moment would be a mistake. This is (as recently discovered) the perfect choice for a late night smoking session. If words are what we’re using, then think psychedelic droned out hazy garage rock with organ work reminiscent of ‘Sunset Mission’ era Bohren, and vocal chants that seem far too familiar. You’ll have these melodies in your head for weeks to come. So just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A heavy summers day with a low, noxious heat and the familiar feel of bare feet on raw searing concrete. Thats pretty much how this album feels. Rhythm flows from skin-tight binary thumps all the way down to Sylvester Anfangesque ritual incantations, and this is why ‘It’s After Dark’ is so good. You can literally lose yourself in the album, all the way through, and not be woken up until the very end of ‘Noontime’ where some sparse and incredibly stark organ arrangements wake you out of you meditated slumber. You can float over all the delicious melodies, finish up with the album, go to sleep, and find yourself humming the choral disparities of ‘The Streets’ by morning, not knowing where the fuck it came from. Also, departing from long ingrained stoner tendencies, pay attention to this album and you are greeted by a level of compositional skill and artistic integrity rarely enjoyed. This is music that gets under the skin. Its infectious. All I want to do is listen to it over and over.

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Religious Knives

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  • Reply March 13, 2010


    Sounds interesting, I better give this a try. Thanks and good job on the blog, always great to have something more to read than "band name" "release" "link"

  • Reply March 13, 2010


    Thanks the for comment. I think we are all in complete agreement, too many blogs post too many unknown bands without any introductory garb to whet your appetite. If you enjoyed this, then their other release – 'Resin', builds on similar themes for another great album, which I should probably get round to posting soon!

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