Dreams Of The Drowned – Thanatotropic Principle (2008)

The biggest anomaly in the black metal demographic since forever. Its like Ved Buens Ende interpreting grindcore as they witness the most sublime and mind numbingly austere vision mankind could ever comprehend. Awash in the sea of melody, a tsunami of atavistic wrath over the cityscape of black metal paradigms. Like they’ve seen the infinite form of beauty and all they want to do is make you see it, shove it down your throat, or at least try to make you realise – but they’re so berzerk at your naivety and closemindedness that they end up pummelling you to death. Like a nietzschean artist, trying to document all the secrets of life to you within half an hour, you just get lost in the majesty and conviction behind the deliverance, their certainty and wholeheartedness is enough.

Currently working on a new, full length album to be released at some point over the course of the coming year, this is the free EP made available by Camille over at the Myspace page. With an upcoming interview on LURKER arriving on the approach up to the new album, you will not hear another release combining the most beloved elements of post rock, black metal, grindcore, hardcore, punk and sludge so seemlessly anywhere else. Hear some of the newer material through the portal link below. This band are far too unknown for what they have accomplished on this 33 minute release, more than most bands will ever achieve in their life cycles, and the life cycles of all their relatives put together. Imbibe from the glorious chalice of higher art.

Dreams of the Drowned (Myspace)

You'll find me in the vast wilderness of British Columbia, talking metal at LURKER, or working in publishing and front-end web/eBook development.

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