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The philosophical groundings of extreme metal groups rarely preclude any force for excitement or intrigue beyond the trodden left hand path. In death metal you are greeted by the usurp of technical supremacy over intellectual inquisition and more often than not the opposite applies within black metal circles. Order of Orias hold a clear-cut philosophical agenda, opinions and beliefs are to be guarded to the death. They have the music to boot too, think a more scathing Dissection, or Emperor with leaning into death metal territory.

Negating any religious ties to their music, Order of Orias chooses to focus on topics concerning self-overcoming and becoming, renewal and continual enhancement. Aware they may not represent the most original and unique of musical conquests, they are doing what they believe in. If newest EP Birth (available for free from their Myspace) is anything to go by, the transformation they will have made by the time the full length is recorded echoes their philosophical sentiments entirely. This is vicious, razor sharp brutality underpinned by the strictest aggression of a knowing elite. Currently looking for label backing; we took some time to glean a greater understanding of the project.

-Can you enlighten us about the bands origins?

Order of Orias emerged from the charred remains of an utterly unsuccessful experiment a number of us attempted. Its unworkable nature quickly became apparent and thus the entity was aborted, the corpse transfigured and Order of Orias was born.

-What is the grand purpose driving Order of Orias?

Wrathful disgust of weakness and unapologetic pride drive us philosophically. Musically I would say we are a hydra, all of our myriad influences bubbling, mutating before finally coalescing into what Orias is today. The lyrical aspects of the band also reflect this. Words that explore the principles of renewal, metamorphosis, apotheosis, and ascension on both a personal and universal scale. We don’t consciously attempt to push boundaries or try to be different, we simply are.

-Both releases reflect an understanding and balancing of Black and Death metal in general. The music is precise and energised, showcasing a technical ability and ear for atmosphere. Tell us about some of the influences behind Order of Orias and how you perceive your own sound.

Our members have a broad range of musical tastes, yet we are centered by our passion for the heavier genres. This common goal with different backgrounds is what we feel enables our sound to stand out. Bands of many genres, from Funeral Mist to Muse, Zyklon to Pain of Salvation, have all at some stage held a creative sway over our writing. We will never be constrained by perceptions of “what is, or what should be”.

-What is your local scene like, fertile and inspiring or barren? I have noticed an uprising of Australian bands playing in the black/death vein recently, was this influential in the workings of the band and are they any local bands you often share a stage with?

Australia is a fucking corpse for quality metal. While it’s true we have a number of acts that produce amazing music, the vast majority of them are basically studio projects. Our live scene is simply not worth talking about in any regard.

-The ‘Birth’ EP seems to have much greater emphasis on atmosphere than ‘Offering’ yet manages to retain the sense of urgency and brutally convictive, precise riffing that leaves me incapable of not banging my head. Could this be a clue as to what to expect from the full length, and can you reveal any details about your upcoming efforts?

The “Birth” EP is essentially an ending to the bands period of infancy; it is the summation of what we started with the “Offering” demo. These songs are already old to our ears and we are looking far beyond them, thoroughly immersed in the abyssic and fantastic nature of the beast we are currently slaving over. The album is something far and beyond anything we have done before, it’s Orias in its maturity entirely. The album will be 7 songs of dynamic, moody and violently proud darkness.

-Is the talk of self-apotheosis linked with a satanic aesthetic of the band at all?

In-so-far that Luciferianism and Satanism is pre-occupied with, over throwing god and taking up the reigns of our own destiny. Orias is not a Satanic band, nor are we a religious band. Although yes, certain members within the fold are entranced with aspects of the occult, this does not represent the bands overall message. Rebellion, opposition, division from God. These are principles associated with the left hand path to be sure, but they are also the keys to developing the human rodent into a worthwhile entity. A superior creature, beyond the enslaving tentacles of hypocrisy that slide forth from the White Light religions.

-The band is named after the 59th Marquis of Hell, Orias, over other demons in the Ars Goetia. What is the significance of Orias, and especially the implication of belonging to one of his orders/legions?

Orias has the power to change men’s form at will. Orias is an icon of overcoming, of adaptability. Better than that, he is a force of will enacting upon the world. As Orias shapes men’s forms, we attempt to shape the thoughts of the listener, enacting our own will, distilling it within our music, refining it. It is ultimately a name chosen to invoke the essence of change and evolution.

-Rebellion, Opposition and Illumination are all concepts I can see represented in the music. Order of Orias seems to have a strong philosophy based around the concepts of renewal and metamorphosis, care to develop this point and your general philosophical outlook on life?

Without going into completely personal specifics (which isn’t possible when one represents 5 people of differing beliefs), everything one does in life should be geared toward the development of the self. Obviously the details differ based on one’s goals in life. But essentially, if with every breath a person isn’t striving toward his or her idea of perfection, then they are completely irrelevant creatures on an already irrelevant world.

A person should be the most complete, uncompromising and elite being they can be, whatever their ultimate ideals represent. That said, no worthwhile development can be made while in the thrall of another. Slave religions teach the individual to unite with the collective and receive glorious ecstasy in exchange for the sacrifice of the self. Why unite and become nothing, when one can divide oneself from God and become everything. Unfettered and able to choose the path of their own personal evolution.

The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” – Charles Dubois

You can find more information, tracks from both EPs and a contact address over at their Myspace. The band are currently seeking label backing for their full length release, the Birth EP is available as a free download here and comes highly recommended and will see the light of day soon as a physical, professional release (see previous post here for more information on the Birth release).

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