Valdur tour 2010

Just one more very quick post before I get back to work… You may not have realised how good this band is from the split with Shitestrom and Killgasm but I sincerely recommend that you attempt to get everything Valdur has released so far. The new album, Raven God Amongst Us will be officially released on the 9th but due to this tour, it will be only available to purchase from the merch desk for the duration. So go and watch Valdur, pick up the record and tell me about it. They are on the edge of something very special; the perfect blend of aggression, speed, melody and freezing cold riffs.

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    Invisible Oranges

    Valdur are hands down one of the best American black metal bands right now. If they lived in a major market, they'd be the talk of the town.

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    I guess I'm going to have to break down and listen to this band sooner or later.

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    You heard it here first: Lurker is officially championing the cause of Valdur!

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