Robotic Empire reissue Thou’s Baton Rouge…

Wow. It’s certainly all go in the Thou camp this week, first the collossal Summit is streamed on NPR, now the fine fellows at Robotic Empire have announced a reissue of the EP Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For already! The fact that this obligatory masterclass in original and forward thinking sludge metal has been repressed so quickly is a testament to the shockwaves Thou have sent rumbling around the underground, through hard work and sheer dedication to their hateful craft. The reissue includes a beautifully packaged red vinyl edition, limited to 800 copies, and a straight black edition for those slow off the mark. For all you analogue obsessives Baton Rouge… is also now available on tape, although I’m not sure I’d want to hear this stunning work on that format. Peruse all the Thou Robotic Empire has to offer here. Remember when Nirvana actually sounded somewhat threatening on their debut, Bleach? The EP is worth your time if only for Thou’s bile-encrusted reinterpretation of ‘Sifting’!

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