Negură Bunget visual track – Dacia Hiperboreană

In the wake of the fantastic Maiestrit, Negură Bunget’s subsequent album Vîrstele pămîntului left me feeling cold. Not least because of the Negru’s betrayal of the original line-up, but also because it was so damp in its efforts to emulate the spirit of Om and ended up being utterly forgettable. Of course if it was by any other band it would have been stunning, but over the years I have come to expect much more from the Romanian visionaries. However, regardless of my individual moans and groans of which I’m sure many of you will pay no heed, I noticed that the band has commissioned a visual accompaniment to the song Dacia Hiperboreană. Thoroughly enjoyable to stare at in what seems to be a coalescing of an organic being with the cosmos.
Best experienced in full screen of course.

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