Help Miranda Lehman make ‘Wrong’ film

The wonderful and talented artist and musician Miranda Lehman, also known as Korouva, is making a film and is looking for loving gifts and loose change to help with the project.

As you can see, the project has reached the ‘successful’ mark on Kickstarter, but that is just to cover the bare bones of production (limos made of caviar etc.etc.) It really is an example of an occasion where the more money accrued, the further she will be able to take her vision.

Though you can no longer donate through the Kickstarter page, you can still donate via paypal, sending some dollars to with an encouraging message attached.

But wait!

For your money, you not only get to bask in the in the warm sun of altruism, content in your status as a patron of the arts, but if you donate $15+, you will get free copies of Miranda’s two albums as Korouva sent to you as a mark of gratitude!

We know and love her for her releases as Korouva, the albums ‘Shipwrecks and Silhouettes’ and ‘Sleepwalker’ were both self-released, and are now out of print, and thus very difficult to find. So the opportunity to own a hard copy is too good for miss.

If you are familiar with Miranda’s work at all, of her delicate and melancholic music, her erotic and pastoral photography and film, the prospect of what ‘Wrong’ could be as a culmination of all her artistic talent is incredibly tantilising.

Give generously and it could be that good.

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