Two new LP releases from Vendetta Records

German hardcore label Vendetta Records have two releases out this month that should turn some heads. This stuff may be slightly outside the usual Lurker comfort zone, but both bands are awesome and deserve to be heard. Any Lurkers with a soft spot for crust or heavy hardcore, get stuck in.

First up, Münster’s Alpinist are set to deliver another ferocious dose of dark and raging crust with Lichtlærm. Its predecessor Minus.Mensch was one of my top albums of last year, so I’m looking forward to this one a lot. Fans of the Ekkaia school of modern crust will love this band.

This is a split release with Phobiact Records, who are distributing it along with Bis Auf’s Messer.

Preorders get clear vinyl and a black on black cover, limited to 200 out of 1000 copies.

Milwaukee’s Protestant play very heavy hardcore that reminds me of Ghostlimb and Catharsis. These guys have been churning out quality releases since 2005, but haven’t yet garnered much attention outside of the US. Let’s hope their Euro tour this autumn will change that (no UK shows, sadly).

This is a split release with America’s Halo of Flies Records. Fans in Europe can get their copy from Bis Auf’s Messer. Early birds get red vinyl.

Both records are available for preorder right away, and should be ready to ship mid-September.


  • Reply September 3, 2010


    i didn't even know alpinist is playing near me in a couple of days.. haha great!

    didn't hear them earlier but if Lurker says they are good i'll check them out for sure!

  • Reply September 3, 2010


    Oh yeah, I forgot to say – Alpinist are also doing a big Euro tour. See here:

    Sadly, again, no UK shows. I guess people aren't into this stuff on the same scale over here.

  • Reply September 3, 2010


    Sucks about the lack of Alpinist UK shows. Really looking forward to this new LP, Minus.Mensch was one of the the best melodic crusty slabs of vinyl I heard last year!

  • Reply September 4, 2010

    Twin Uzis in Hyrule

    Minus.Mensch fucking ruled! Definitely in my top ten from last year…I can't wait for this LP

  • Reply September 6, 2010

    Invisible Oranges

    Wow, Alpinist are good! Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to hearing the new album.

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