Worn heels and the hands we hold

The phenomenal Envy have released a video online for their song ‘Worn Heels and the Hands We Hold’. I love it.

Recitation (Sonzai/Temporary Residence/Rock Action) is out a week tomorrow. This may turn out to be one of the best records this year, and that’s saying something. Listen to two other new songs from the record here and here.

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  • […] In fact, the first thing you notice about Recitation is how much Envy have improved their post rock composition-skills. In the first ten minutes of the record, the band weave some of their beautiful trademark melodies through every conceivable texture of the post rock gamut, from strings to tonal percussion, as well as a whole stash of guitar tones and effects. Then everything explodes. ‘Rain Clouds Running in a Holy Night’ is packed with the same luscious melodies and passages of clean, expansive beauty, but packs a keen punch that comes back stronger and stronger on the following tracks. Envy have their predictable side: Tetsuya Fukagawa still pens his lyrics in the tried and tested poetic metres of old, and the guitarists are still painting from the same harmonic palate that has done them proud over the years. But in almost every other way, Recitation is a wild and unpredictable beast of an album with many sides to it. ‘Dreams Coming to an End’ resurrects the boisterous melodicism of early noughties post-hardcore; then, hot on its heels comes an almost saccharine acoustic piece (‘Incomplete’), before the band plunges into album highlight ‘Worn Heels and the Hands we Hold’ (see the fantastic video here). […]

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