Godstopper returns: Empty Crawlspace EP

We were pretty psyched when Canada’s Godstopper appeared out of nowhere, dropped us a demo and proceeded to crush our pretty faces with their unique brand of ┬ánoise rock/sludge. It garnered a warm reception from readers too, so you may be glad to know the band has pulled their collective finger out and put together a little EP entitled Empty Crawlspace. Available as a download and a cassette, the EP features the same lurching abominations that made the demo such a thrill to listen to, but with the addition of a delightful new track called ‘Bent’.

Don’t be thrown off the scent by the introduction. It sounds a bit like the pleasant twinkling of Chavez at first, far removed from the threatening evil of the older tracks. But within a few lines of the characteristic vocals, the unhinged insanity that is Godstopper starts to creep in. Heavy as hell, jarring riffs and abyssal drums gradually take over the whole song and the vocals get even more deranged to boot. It’s without doubt their best material yet so check it out. This was said in the last review but it still holds true: IF YOU’RE NOT THRASHING AROUND IN YOUR SEAT, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.

At the time of publishing Empty Crawlspace is available for free download from the Godstopper bandcamp. For enquiries on how to purchase the cassette, released February 21, email Mike at superheavysounds@gmail.com.

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