Bleakwood & Ekadzati Kickstarter

Stuck on the eternally rotating wheel of progress, Dan Nahum is determined to make his mark on the underground. Late last year, Greed & Rapacity unleashed Loki Bound – a vitriolic reimagining of the funeral doom template that raised the project above mere Sacramentary Abolishment worship to levels that paralleled the most forward thinking of extreme metal outfits. That little EP is still killing it, regularly, on my own personal playlist.

Dan’s other band, Bleakwood, is ready to ascend beyond the ranks of demo-sound mediocrity too. Bleakwood are putting out a split with Ekadzati, featuring Zareen of Milam Records (who put out the inimitable Greed & Rapacity tape in question). Milam Records and Tactical Solutions Recordings want to put out 250 limited slabs of black, oppressive vinyl. These small independent labels have started a Kickstarter campaign to achieve the small goal of $1500. There are stickers, bookmarks, OBI strips, test presses and paintings available.

Bleakwood’s half of the split is a violent re-awakening of the second track from the 2008 demo. Riffs, terror and possession above all. A damn shame it clocks in at a mere three minutes and ten seconds. Ekadzati is just as ambitious, showcasing vocals lifted straight from the (better) treasure troves of Wrest. Complete with meandering guitar passages, shifting between mid-paced and fast, bombastic sections of metal. With guest performances from H. Lauer and D. Nahum on bass and drums respectively, Ekadzati present a fitting piece of ascendant black metal to round off the split.

Material can be streamed over at the Kickstarter, which also contains more information on what and how you can support this release. Both bands ply a unique brand of aggressive black metal. This is highly recommended for fans of any of Dan’s previous work, Dead River Runs Dry and those of you that are interested in owning a well-packaged, aesthetically pleasing piece of black metal art.

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