Northward – Ijsgang

Ijsgang is the swansong of the short lived, LURKER-praised, Dutch black metal trio Northward. It’s a damn shame the band are calling it a day because 2010’s In Sturmes Wind was a diamond in the rough; piercing cold black metal of the highest caliber!

The intro work on Ijsgang, composed and performed by the fantastic Newston Schner Jr, known for his neoclassical project Lebensessenz, sets an appropriately somber tone for this final EP. References to Blazebirth Hall bands abound, as treble and reverb soaked guitars eek out melodies and drums rumble on. Highly recommended for fans of Forest, Paysage d’Hiver, and any seeker of lo-fi, high-melody black metal. Stream the entire EP below.

Available from Zeitgeist Publishing in a beautifully packaged casette, limited to 88 copies.

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