Ghast – “May The Curse Blind” 2xlp Pre-Order

For those who remain unacquainted with this Black Doom band from the UK, mandatory listening materials available here. For those who are acquainted with the down tuned black metal savagery, the 2xLP has been made available by pre-order at Flenser Records. This is a great slab of doomed black (blackened doom doesn’t quite fit) metal that prooves once again the United Kingdom has an ear for the metuls in this modern year.

Ghast’s amazing debut full length on wax for preorder now:

Originally released on CD by Todestrieb records in 2008. Flenser is very proud to release this monument to black doom.

The double vinyl release also contains the Ghast tracks off of the split with Helvette released on War Flagellation in 2007. The vinyl cut of these demo tracks sounds unbelievable!”

500 copies.
100 on clear with red splatter (available only directly from Flenser)
400 on clear red vinyl
Gatefold jacket with redesigned artwork. Printed on reverse board.

Click here for the pre-order.

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