Ghast double LP, May the Curse Bind now available

Flenser Records have announced the release of Ghast’s towering monument to blackened doom, May the Curse Bind on double LP. 100 copies on red splattered vinyl are only available from Flenser, the other 400 are on straight red; either way, a worthy addition to your record collection. If you didn’t shoot straight for the pre-order you can order a copy at the Flenser Store. UK black metal has stood on the edge for far too long now and it’s bands like these that demand your attention of our shitty little island. So wake up!

“With crushing intensity and ominous fervor the United Kingdom’s Ghast unleash their debut album May the Curse Bind on wax. For those familiar with the British trio, you know to expect nothing but unrelenting monolithic doom encrusted with ashy black metal majesty. On their debut album, Ghast have crafted some of the most sinister and terrifying audio terror around. Furthermore May the Curse Bind’s pressing to wax is indisputably a harbinger of mankind’s ever nearing end. Having formed in 2004 as Souldust, it is unthinkable that in four years the outfit developed such a profoundly mature and cohesive sound, a sound that could result from none other than absolute dedication to misanthropy and grimness. This release is one more step toward eradicating the trendy weaklings plaguing the supreme black arts in these harrowing times. Needless to say, it is absolutely mandatory for anyone who claims dedication to the supreme legacy of Black Metal as well as Doom Metal. May the Curse Bind is pure fucking black doom.”

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    Ah yes! Just got mine in the mail today. I blindly bought this on a hattip from this very blog, sound unheard. I'm very pleased to say the very least.


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