Woe – Quietly, Undramatically, the remix

It’s no secret that everyone at Lurker is a big fan of Woe, an last year’s Quietly, Undramatically went down a treat will all of us, from the songwriting right down to the sound. It was a big surprise, then, to find that band mastermind Chris Grigg has given the album’s mix a complete overhaul and posted the new version online for streaming and purchase. I’ll have to give the remix a closer listen, but for now I can confirm that the vocals sound a hundred times better. If you heard A Spell for the Death of Man, you’ll know that Chris can channel some real gut-wrenching fury through his pipes. That power didn’t always come across on the first mix of Quietly (it was often lost amid muffling distortion, Leviathan-style), but the new one captures his voice at its most ferocious.

<a href=”http://candlelightrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/quietly-undramatically-remix” mce_href=”http://candlelightrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/quietly-undramatically-remix”>Quietly, Undramatically (remix) by Woe</a>

Read more about the new mix in this interview with Decibel. Otherwise, it just remains for me to copy and paste the fantastic lyrics to album closer ‘Hatred is our Heart’, which has given me a lot of food for thought lately.

surrender to this reason / my words will hang you high / this noose of cold indignance / will choke you till you die / your art has proven hollow / dull masks you can’t sustain / cause once the show is over / you change your fucking names / as flies flock to the rotten / you feed on putrid shit / living out your fantasies / and bragging about it! / see how far they run / watch them as they cry / ants, they run for cover / see how hard they try! / the stupid / the boring / the fair-weather friends / pretentious / obnoxious / they strive to pretend / with costumes / and gimmicks / they angle to shock / like children / they cherish / the lies that they bought / we will stand and continue to lash out / and you’ll know our names because / hatred is our heart / and / when the sun reappears and casts away the dark / we will rise and know that / hatred is our heart / and / we will rejoin the world and will walk amongst the crowds / but we will know that / hatred is our heart / and / there is no mask, no fake name, no poetry to hide behind / there is no game / yes, / hatred is our heart / / when these words are long forgotten / and these songs have gone away / i’ll continue what i started / and stand behind what i say / see how far they run / watch them as they cry / ants. they run for cover / see how hard they try! / condemned as our prey, there’s nowhere to hide / for this is the future you must realize / the hunters (unholy) have removed their masks / there’s no use for chains or rules of the past.

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    The new remix is excellent, besides the improved vocals there’s a much better balance between the individual instruments.

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