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Label Spotlight II: None Shall Defy

LURKER talks pure black metal and the merits of vinyl with None Shall Defy. The article includes reviews of Deathgate Arkanum, I Shalt Become, Animus Mortis, Akitsa, Horns and Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind.

Media Tree Recordings Sampler 2011

Media Tree Recordings offer up a free-to-download sampler containing new release materials from the likes of Ensorcelor, Livimorket, Monarch, Eibon, Pallbearer and Æsahættr.

Death Screams and Agonies!!! Release Review

We review two excellent releases from vinyl only label Death Agonies and Screams!!! First up, Wyqm’s unique take on the usbm template courtesy of sophomore effort Portrait of Spectre. Followed closely by the debut from hardcore punk outfit Sunshine SS – Throw My Brain Against The Wall.