Starve/Terzij de Horde – A Chosen Hollow

Stream the new split from the Netherland’s finest in its entirety. Sludge-merchants Starve come to blows with the forward-thinking black metal of Terzij de Horde in a unified concept of “a chosen hollow”.

Cannabis Corpse live in Camden

Gimmick? What gimmick? A set of stunning death metal proficiency from Cannabis Corpse could leave even the most vehement naysayer quivering in their boots and weeping like a child. LURKER reports back on this incredible London gig with photographs and a video.

Label Spotlight: Frequency 13, the grim disco

Through the smog and haze of an industrial wasteland emerges a genuine underground movement. The secretive Frequency 13 coven share some insights into their unique brand of drug-fuelled black psychedelia.